Even more pictures!


The MX900, part of Logitech's Bluetooth Desktop MX and the Samsung SyncMaster 151P


The Bluetooth wireless keyboard; works perfectly with my favorite jukebox, MusicMatch!


LiveDrive from up front, the other half of my Audigy 2 ZS Plat. Pro


The front of my Onkyo TX-SR501 surround receiver


The rear of my LiveDrive, with clearly visible Audio Parts Inc. silver coax S/PDIF link cable


The back of the TX-SR501; the TV is currently disconnected from the component switch output


The frontal show of one of the Spendor LS3/5a studio monitors on loan to me from dad's friend; it's not very big, but this image makes it appear smaller than it really is.  I removed the screen because it's safe, and because I can hear the difference; some people don't.


And finally here is my Velodyne CHT-8, again, with the screen removed; it doesn't sound much different with it on, but I have it off just to match the Spendors in appearance.


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