I am a reviewer for Silent PC Review.  "SPCR," as we like to call it, was actually launched a while back, in April of 2002, by Mike Chin.  Since then, it has basically become the web's hub for all things associated with silent computing, based upon its strong reputation for rigorous, thorough reviews, unequalled for acoustic analysis of PC hardware on the web.  SPCR receives well over 100,000 unique page views on a daily basis; full pages, not just hits!  According to site statistics, readers are 70-75% American, ~15% from Europe, 5-10% Canadian and the rest primarily Asia/Pacific.  Around January, 2004, I discovered SilentPCReview's unique community in my quest for PC silence, and began to participate quite a bit in the forums.  Eventually, I took it to the next level and decided to join as a reviewer; Mike Chin gracefully accepted, and now I'm part of the SPCR team.

Here's a list of official articles that I've done so far:

April 9th, 2004: 160GB/8MB-Cache Faceoff: Samsung vs. Seagate
    Compares Samsung's SpinPoint SP80-series model SP1614N to Seagate's Barracuda 7200.7-series model ST3160023A in terms of both, acoustics and performance.  Read to see who came out on top!

June 9th, 2004: Cooler Master Hyper 6 Heatsink for P4/K8
    A review of Cooler Master's 1 kilogram copper beast, using an open-air Alpha Three as a test bed.  Also has numbers from a Thermalright SP-94 to compare.  The results may surprise you...

August 1st, 2004: Spire CoolGate Heatsink for P4
    First review on my new P4 test bed, built from a FIC/VIA P4PB400 mainboard, Celeron 1.7, GeForce2 MX, Seasonic Super Silencer 350 and Seagate ST3160023A.  Also includes numbers from Zalman CNPS7000A-Cu.

August 23rd, 2004: Cooler Master Vortex Dream review on P4 platform
    Second test on the new P4 test bed.  This cheap ($22MSRP) cooler proved to be a very decent performer, but the acoustics of its stock fan were its downfall.  70-80mm adapters can be utilized, however, at an added cost, and additional tests were done with such an adapter in conjunction with an 80mm Panaflo L1A.

October 24th, 2004: Thermalright XP-90 CPU Heatsink
We take a close look at Thermalright's XP-90, little brother to the ultra high performance XP-120.  This is one of our first joint-coop reviews, with different reviewers taking care of different aspects, including myself shooting the photos.

December 14th, 2004: Cooler Master Real Power RS-450-ACLY Power Supply
    The second coop review, I shoot the photos for Mike Chin's review of Cooler Master's unique power supply with its, "Human Computer Interface."

January 17th, 2005: CES 2005: A Silencentric Summation
Russ Kinder, Charles Gilliatt and myself attend the international 2005 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, and report on our findings.  Pictures by yours truly.

Upcoming articles:


Possible articles:

Water Cooling for the First Time
An in-depth report of being a first-time water cooler.  Highlights mistakes that I've made and how to avoid them, as well as important things to keep in mind.  Will also link to resources on the web that I think would come in useful, as well as try to clear up some misconceptions common for people who've never tried it.

Other random but interesting, unofficial tidbits I have in the forums:

"Water Cooling Circuits Analysis (Single & Dual CSP-750s)"
A highly technical, in-depth comparison of two different dual-pump water cooling circuits versus a baseline, single pump arrangement.  Includes a multitude of images of my water cooling system in Gamma Three, as well as performance analysis and technical discussion of various liquid cooling issues.  Very interesting read for water cooling newbies!

"!!!China vs. Japan Panaflo and Globe 120 vs. AF120CT!!!"
An in-depth analysis and discussion, with images, of the manufacturing consistency issue of Panasonic's Panaflo line of low acoustics DC axial fans, as well as solid evidence that the $8 120mm thermal fans by Globe, sold at MNPC Tech, are exactly the same fan as AcoustiProducts' AcoustiFan AF120CT (in other words, Globe manufactures the AcoustiFans).

"Seeking best sound card w/S/PDIF."
    An interesting discussion about high-fidelity (audiophile) digital music reproduction on a PC, touching on different sound cards, resampling, gain control and dithering.

"MikeC and al bundy were right!--Updated: Pictures!"
A step-by-step log, of sorts, of my journey of learning about the use of 2.5" drives (in this case, a Fujitsu MHT2080AT) in achieving a silent PC.  Includes in-depth thermal test results as well as images of the final setup, Sigma One, which is completely inaudible in my acoustics testing environment from any distance of over a foot to the front of the machine.  This level of drive quietness is virtually impossible to achieve with 3.5" form factor drives.

"Aerocool VM-101 fits MSi NX6600GT VTD128"
    By utilizing an Aerocool VM-101 and a fanless Thermalright XP-120, I build a K8/6600GT machine relying on tightly managed air flow for inaudible, high performance 24/7 computing.


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